Visa to Saudi Arabia

Electronic travel visas to Saudi Arabia

Traditionally, tourism, including religious tourism, is an important source of income for economy of Saudi Arabia. However, visa restrictions with many countries of the world, including Asian countries, for example, China, are an obstacle for tourists who do not want to bear the additional costs of documents. The system of Electronic travel visas to Saudi Arabia (e-visa) is designed to overcome this problem.

Visa to Saudi Arabia
Visa to Saudi Arabia

What is e-Visa to Saudi Arabia

An e-visa is a short-term residence & travel permit; it usually takes a month to complete. The time frame for staying on the territory of the receiving party is no more than 30 days. It is very convenient for tourists who want to visit Saudi Arabia on a cultural or religious term. It is possible to issue an electronic version for treatment, relaxation, in order to visit friends and relatives.

Unlike a regular permit, e-visa issued upon arrival at the host airport. It looks like a sticker or a small stamp indicating the duration of stay. This allows you to save space on the pages of your passport.

Visa to KSA
Visa to KSA

eVisa to Saudi Arabia: Requirements

Today it is hardly to surprise anyone with the possibility of carrying out the visa application procedure online. Our company provides a full range of services for the design and support of your trip to Saudi Arabia. You can apply for an e-visa online without leaving your home. This simplifies the procedure as much as possible. Visa processing includes a lot of negative technical aspects. Including – a waste of time in the queue. Registering through an electronic online form reduces the time required to submit the required package of documents.
To obtain an electronic visa, you do not need any invitations or confirmation of hotel reservations, or any other documents confirming the purpose of your trip to Saudi Arabia.

The Government of Saudi Arabia has set a minimum age limit for those wishing to cross the border on an electronic visa – 18 years. Tourists who have not reached this age should only travel with adults.

Each tourist requesting an electronic visa must have a passport with a validity period of at least 6 months from the date of arrival and have at least 1 page for printing. Applicant’s religious preferences do not affect visa decision. Foreign citizens who have arrived in Saudi Arabia on electronic visas are entitled to freedom of movement only within the territory of this country. The fine of a e-visa overstay in the country: 100 SAR for each day of delay.

eVisa to Saudi Arabia
eVisa to Saudi Arabia

FAQ about eVisa to Saudi Arabia

– Does the fact that I have already received e-visa for one or more times give me an advantage when applying for an electronic visa?

If during the first visit in this format there are no problems, the next time the tourist will easily get electronic permission to enter.

– What should I do if I was refused an electronic visa without any explanation?

In the case of an unmotivated refusal without explanation, you can try again after some time: from one month to six months, depending on the requirements of the state visa authorities.

– Are there any nuances that you should pay attention to when visiting Saudi Arabia on an electronic visa?

We recommend that you pay attention to the following facts:

  • e-visas are short-term – keep an eye on the temporary corridor;
  • the deadline for obtaining permission is 72 hours before entering the country;
  • a valid passport is required, the issuance period of which is at least six months;
  • when crossing the border, it is imperative to make a printout confirming receipt of the entry document.

There is a very important negative factor: the lack of communication at the checkpoint. In this case, the traveler may not be allowed to cross the border. Care should be taken in advance to print on paper, confirming the issuance of the e-visa permit. Verification on phones, tablets, and similar devices is not taken into account.

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